Voice Actors

You state your wishes, we’ll find the perfect cast – whether the voice actors come from our extensive pool or via specific castings: we can guarantee that we will find the perfect voice/s for your project/s. All necessary bookings and appointments are of course part of our service.

Voice Recordings

One voice, two voices, a group of speakers or a whole crowd – we provide the perfect, acoustically optimised, recording space for dialogue and dubbing recordings (ADR) for any size you might require.

ISDN Recording

You are here but your speaker is not? No problem. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment we can guarantee maximum quality ISDN, SIP, Source Connect Now & Session Link Pro recordings even if you are not in the same room (or indeed country).

Sound Design & Foley Recordings

There is literally no sound we cannot provide. When it comes to sound design we do not only make use of the latest international sound libraries, we can also treat you to our exclusive self-produced sound creations.  In order to  accomplish even the most sophisticated sound design we make use of our own state-of-the-art Foley Room with its variable acoustic properties.

Sound Editing & Dialogue Enhancement

We are delighted with your original recordings, even if their quality leaves something to be desired. From sound editing to dialogue enhancement and up to meticulous comprehensive audio restoration – we provide every required audio service.

Sound Mixing from 2.0 to 7.1

Whether we have to deal with two or eight loudspeakers – we provide the right mix for you. Our five sound control rooms offer everything to please your ears, up to Dolby®-certified cinema mixing.

Music Consulting & Rights Clearance

Na na na or boom-chicka-boom – no matter what melody pops into your head or what rhythm haunts you – we will advise you on the choice of music, do your research and clear the necessary rights on your behalf, down to the complete licencing of a chosen song.

Music Composition & Production

From jingle to symphony, from tearjerker to headbanger – our in-house studios create highly diverse music for any domain. The only thing that always remains the same: supreme quality in both composition and production.

ADR/Dubbing & Casting